Today, this website was updated with a new public release. The "City" painting in the gallery room can now be used, which opens up some new areas to explore, including an office where Kyla sees some strangely familiar drawings...and an office lady who's been "working late". The forest area now has one of the previously locked areas open, where you can get a puzzle in daylight and the CG which reveals something about Kyla during the night ^^


 As mentioned on Patreon earlier, this game underwent a drastic change during development, and changed from what was originally described as a "romantic, surreal exploration game" to simply a "surreal exploration game" with some horror elements and several adult scenes (note: the game is not focused entirely on adult content, but there will be more of it than was originally planned).


During the progress it went through some considerable changes before the first release. The biggest setback was when I found I wanted  to change parts of the game entirely, because I discovered that the theme had already been used in an other game called Dreaming Sarah (good game by the way, especially if you enjoy surreal exploration games ^_^)


The story in Finding Him was originally intended to be about a girl who was in a coma, who would need to find puzzle pieces which would eventually lead back to her boyfriend (waking her up). When I discovered that the coma-thing was already used in that other game, Dreaming Sarah (which is not really a spoiler by the way, as the game's info page on Steam even explains this) I wanted to change this completely. So, the story in Finding Him has changed very drastically, and while keeping the surreal exploration parts, it is now more mystery-based with some horror elements, and more adult scenes than originally planned. As mentioned, it was at first not intended to even have any  sexual parts (aside from some bonus scenes with certain characters, as patrons decided from the poll here: ), but the new  story changes all that. There will be more sex scenes, where Kyla will first just be a watcher (being shy and restricted) while she'll later join in. 


Finding Him is a game I wanted to make for a long time before actually going through with it, because I have always enjoyed surrealism in games but never really had ideas for earlier projects where these theme would fit. During the first stages of creating Finding Him I actually created another project (which is entirely adult-based) called Daisy's Dream World. While Finding Him was pretty much the basis for that game, they are very different and Finding Him is more akin to the type of game I first envisioned. As for my inspiration regarding surrealism in games, my first experience with this was the World of Illusion game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Later I found myself enjoying all kinds of media which would sometimes be surreal and trippy (like for example the animated Beetlejuice series). I've also really enjoyed other surreal games like for example the classic Yume Nikki, and other games like OneShot, Undertale, Strange Telephone and the aforementioned Dreaming Sarah. And I'm always looking out for other games like these ^_^


In this first public update, you can play the game from the start and explore some of the areas. The full scene in the Cockatoo Pub is also available. I hope you'll enjoy what's there so far ^_^


I also plan to have a new public update sometime in December, so if you enjoy this game thus far in its early progress but can't/don't want to support it on Patreon, please check back on this website for further public updates ^_^





If you like this game, your support would be much appreciated and will help speeding up the progress ^_^